In a picturesque and lush area by the lake, all visitors over 8 years old have the opportunity to get in touch with the sport of archery.

Come with your family or friends, familiarize yourself with archery, take lessons, compete with your friends or set your own personal record, with Olympic-style professional bows, full equipment and complete safety!

Price: 10 €/person /lesson + 12 arrows

Paintball Shooting

An Activity For The Young And The Old Alike.

At our base of activities, on the shore of Lake Plastiras, we have added one more activity, shooting. The goal is to knock down the 7 targets.

Unlike archery, paintball shooting can also be played by children under the age of 8, always, of course, under the supervision of the person in charge, who will show you how to use the paintball gun and help you throughout the activity.

Price €5/person/10 paintballs

Safety Measures